Genetic manipulation


See genetic modification


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  • Genetic-map

    noun 1. an arrangement of genes on a chromosome. noun 1. a graphic representation of the order of genes within chromosomes by means of detailed analysis of the DNA See also chromosome map genetic map n. A graphic representation of the genes or mutable sites on a chromosome. genetic map or gene map A graphic […]

  • Genetic-marker

    noun 1. any distinct inheritable indicator of identity and ancestry. 2. . 3. a chromosomal landmark or allele that allows for the tracing of a specific region of DNA, as in the study of recombination. noun 1. a gene with two or more alternative forms, producing readily identifiable variations in a particular character, used in […]

  • Genetic medicine

    noun the study of genetic mechanisms, including the genetic basis of human diseases, and the development of genetically based tests and therapies Usage Note medicine

  • Genetic modification

    noun any alteration of genetic material, as in agriculture, to make them capable of producing new substances or performing new functions; also called genetic engineering , genetic manipulation , gene splicing , [gene technology], recombinant DNA technology Usage Note science

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