Get a dirty look

see: dirty look


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  • Getafe

    [hi-tah-fey; Spanish he-tah-fe] /hɪˈtɑ feɪ; Spanish hɛˈtɑ fɛ/ noun 1. a city in central Spain.

  • Get a fix

    Obtain a needed dose of something, especially but not necessarily a narcotic drug. For example, Heroin addicts will do anything to get their fix , or Chris referred to her daily swim in the pool as her chlorine fix . The noun fix has been used for a narcotic dose since the 1930s, and was […]

  • Get a fix on

    Also, have a fix on; get or have a handle on; get or have a grasp of. Obtain (or have) a clear determination or understanding of something. For example, I was finally able to get a fix on the specifics of this problem, or No one in the press room had a handle on Balkan […]

  • Get a free hand

    see: free hand

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