Get bent


An exclamation of scorn and dismissal; drop dead, get a life, go fuck yourself, go to hell (1980s+ Students)


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  • Get better

    Improve; recover one’s health. For example, I just started studying Japanese, and I hope to get better soon , or The doctor said I could expect to get better within a couple of days . Also see get well

  • Get busy

    verb phrase To do the sex act; screw: Let’s get busy [1980s+ Students; fr get down to business] Start working, become active, as in Stop dawdling; get busy, or We’d better get busy on this paper. [ c. 1900 ] Also see: get on the stick

  • Get by with something

    Related Terms get away with something

  • Get cold feet

    Related Terms have cold feet verb phrase To be timorous or afraid; have second thoughts: Ella was coming too, but she had cold feet (1893+)

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