Go to blazes


go to hell (1853+)


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  • Go to denmark

    verb phrase To have a sex-change operation; become a transsexual [1960s+; fr the fact that such operations were originally done primarily in Denmark]

  • Go-to-guy

    noun the person on a team that is relied upon to score; also called go-to player Examples Kyle is the go-to guy on the basketball team. Usage Note slang

  • Go toe to toe

    verb phrase To fight, esp to fight hard; slug it out: They are going toe-to-toe with Cosmo, Glamour/ Men in the courtroom can go toe to toe and then go off patting each other on the back (1940s+)

  • Go to hell

    sentence May you be accursed, confounded, humiliated, etc; drop dead, GO FUCK oneself: He wanted me to lie, but I told him to go to hell (1836+) verb phrase To deteriorate; be ruined: The whole town’s gone to hell, with that new mayor/ Old Joe’s gone to hell a bit lately (1930s+) Also, go to […]

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