[greenth] /grinθ/

growth; verdure.


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  • Green-thumb

    noun 1. an exceptional aptitude for gardening or for growing plants successfully: Houseplants provide much pleasure for the city dweller with a green thumb. noun 1. (US & Canadian) considerable talent or ability to grow plants Also called (in Britain and certain other countries) green fingers A knack for growing plants and keeping them healthy: […]

  • Green-turtle

    noun 1. a sea turtle, Chelonia mydas, common in tropical and subtropical seas, the flesh of which is used for turtle soup: now greatly reduced in number and endangered in some areas. noun 1. a mainly tropical edible turtle, Chelonia mydas, with greenish flesh used to prepare turtle soup: family Chelonidae

  • Green-vegetable

    noun 1. a vegetable having green edible parts, as lettuce or broccoli.

  • Green-verditer

    noun 1. See under . [vur-di-ter] /ˈvɜr dɪ tər/ noun 1. either of two pigments, consisting usually of carbonate of copper prepared by grinding either azurite (blue verditer) or malachite (green verditer)

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