hemogenesis he·mo·gen·e·sis (hē’mə-jěn’ĭ-sĭs)
Variant of hematogenesis.


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  • Hemogenia

    [hee-moh-jee-nee-uh, -jeen-yuh, hem-oh-] /ˌhi moʊˈdʒi ni ə, -ˈdʒin yə, ˌhɛm oʊ-/ noun, Pathology. 1. .

  • Hemogenic

    hemogenic he·mo·gen·ic (hē’mə-jěn’ĭk) adj. Hemoplastic.

  • Hemoglobin

    [hee-muh-gloh-bin, hem-uh-] /ˈhi məˌgloʊ bɪn, ˈhɛm ə-/ noun, Biochemistry. 1. the oxygen-carrying pigment of red blood cells that gives them their red color and serves to convey oxygen to the tissues: occurs in reduced form (deoxyhemoglobin) in venous blood and in combination with oxygen (oxyhemoglobin) in arterial blood. Symbol: Hb. n. coloring matter in red […]

  • Hemoglobin a

    hemoglobin A n. Abbr. Hb A The hemoglobin present in normal adults.

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