(def 9).


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  • High-sounding

    [hahy-soun-ding] /ˈhaɪˈsaʊn dɪŋ/ adjective 1. having an impressive or pretentious sound; grand: the high-sounding titles of minor officials. adjective 1. another term for high-flown

  • High-speed

    [hahy-speed] /ˈhaɪˈspid/ adjective 1. designed to operate or operating at a high speed: a high-speed drill. 2. Photography. suitable for minimum light exposure: high-speed film; a high-speed lens. adjective (photog) 1. employing or requiring a very short exposure time: high-speed film 2. recording or making exposures at a rate usually exceeding 50 and up to […]

  • High speed circuit switched data

    communications (HSCSD) A planned feature of GSM Phase 2 defining a standard for circuit switched data transmission over a GSM link at up to 57.6 (78.8?) kbps. This is achieved by concatenating up to four consecutive GSM timeslots, each of which is capable of 14.4 kbit/s. It uses multiplexing and compression or filtering. The following […]

  • High speed connect

    hardware (HSC) A Hewlett-Packard bus like EISA. [HP9000 Configuration Guide, January 1996]. [Details?] (1996-06-06)

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