In the bucks

adjective phrase

Having money, esp a lot of it; in funds; flush, loaded: right after Christmas and we’re not in the bucks (1920s+)


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  • In the buff

    adjective phrase Naked; bare-ass, buck naked, in the altogether: There we stood, in the buff and abysmally embarrassed [1960s+; in buff, ”in the bare skin,” is found by 1602] see: in the altogether

  • In the case of

    Regarding, in the matter of, in that instance. For example, In the case of James, they decided to promote him to the next grade. [ Late 1300s ] Also see: in case, def. 2.

  • In the catbird seat

    Related Terms sit in the catbird seat

  • In the clutch

    adverb phrase At the moment when heroic performance under pressure is needed: He’s a good one to have around in the clutch [1920s+; probably a baseball term originally]

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