[la-troo-tik] /læˈtru tɪk/

of or relating to .


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  • Latria

    [luh-trahy-uh] /ləˈtraɪ ə/ noun, Roman Catholic Theology. 1. the supreme worship, which may be offered to God only. /ləˈtraɪə/ noun 1. (RC Church, theol) the adoration that may be offered to God alone

  • Latrine

    [luh-treen] /ləˈtrin/ noun 1. a toilet or something used as a toilet, as a trench in the earth in a camp, or bivouac area. /ləˈtriːn/ noun 1. a lavatory, as in a barracks, camp, etc n. c.1300, probably from Latin latrina, contraction of lavatrina “washbasin, washroom,” from lavatus, past participle of lavare “to wash” (see […]

  • Latrine lawyer

    noun phrase A soldier who is argumentative, esp on fine points, and tends to be a meddler, complainer, and self-server (1940s+ Army)

  • Latrine rumor

    noun phrase An idle rumor that probably has no basis in fact (WWI Army)

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