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Latrine lawyer

noun phrase

A soldier who is argumentative, esp on fine points, and tends to be a meddler, complainer, and self-server (1940s+ Army)


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  • Latrine rumor

    noun phrase An idle rumor that probably has no basis in fact (WWI Army)

  • Latrodectus

    Latrodectus Lat·ro·dec·tus (lāt’rə-děk’təs) n. A genus of small spiders, including the black widow, capable of inflicting highly poisonous, neurotoxic bites.

  • Latrorse

    latrorse (lāt’rôrs’) Relating to anthers that open or split toward the side, toward other anthers, and not toward or away from the central axis around which a flower is arranged.

  • Latry

    1. a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek meaning “worship” (idolatry); on this model, used in the formation of compound words (bardolatry). combining form 1. indicating worship of or excessive veneration of: idolatry, Mariolatry word-forming element meaning “worship of,” used as an element in native formations from 19c. (e.g. bardolatry), from Greek -latreia “worship, […]

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