[led] /lɛd/

noun, Chemistry.
a yellow crystalline compound, PbCrO 4 , toxic, insoluble in water: used as an industrial paint pigment.
(chem) a yellow solid used as a pigment, as in chrome yellow. Formula: PbCrO4


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  • Lead-colic

    [led] /lɛd/ noun, Pathology. 1. . /lɛd/ noun 1. a symptom of lead poisoning characterized by intense abdominal pain Also called painter’s colic

  • Lead crystal

    noun a type of glass containing a high proportion of lead within crystallized quartz, used esp. for decorative items Examples The composition of lead crystal is 54-65% silicon dioxide (SiO2), 18-38% lead oxide (PbO), 13-15% soda (Na2O) or potash (K2O), and other oxides and it has a high refractive index. Word Origin 1902

  • Leaded

    [led-id] /ˈlɛd ɪd/ adjective 1. (of gasoline) containing tetraethyllead. /ˈlɛdɪd/ adjective 1. (of windows) composed of small panes of glass held in place by thin grooved strips of lead: leaded lights 2. (of petrol) containing tetraethyl lead in order to improve combustion

  • Lead-dioxide

    [led] /lɛd/ noun, Chemistry. 1. a brown crystalline compound, PbO 2 , toxic, insoluble in water and alcohol, soluble in glacial acetic acid: used as an oxidizing agent, in lead-acid batteries, and in analytical chemistry.

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