Lenticular vesicle

lenticular vesicle n.
See lens vesicle.


Read Also:

  • Lenticular process of incus

    lenticular process of incus n. A knob at the tip of the long limb of the incus of the ear, articulating with the stapes. Also called orbiculare.

  • Lenticule

    [len-ti-kyool] /ˈlɛn tɪˌkyul/ noun, Photography. 1. one of many tiny cylindrical or spherical lens segments embossed on the surface of a film used in stereoscopic and color photography.

  • Lenticulopapular

    lenticulopapular len·tic·u·lo·pap·u·lar (lěn-tĭk’yə-lō-pāp’yə-lər) adj. Of or relating to an eruption with dome-shaped or lens-shaped papules.

  • Lenticulus

    lenticulus len·tic·u·lus (lěn-tĭk’yə-ləs) n. pl. len·tic·u·li (-lī’) An intraocular lens of inert plastic placed in the anterior chamber of the eye, behind the iris, or clipped to the iris after cataract extraction.

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