(arts) a variant spelling of megilp


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  • M.A.Ed.

    1. Master of Arts in Education.

  • Maed

    1. Master of Arts in Education. Master of Arts in Education

  • Magistral-line

    noun, Fortification. 1. the line from which the position of the other lines of fieldworks is determined.

  • Magistrate

    [maj-uh-streyt, -strit] /ˈmædʒ əˌstreɪt, -strɪt/ noun 1. a civil officer charged with the administration of the law. 2. a minor judicial officer, as a justice of the peace or the judge of a police court, having jurisdiction to try minor criminal cases and to conduct preliminary examinations of persons charged with serious crimes. /ˈmædʒɪˌstreɪt; -strɪt/ […]

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