[mah-nous] /mɑˈnaʊs/

a port in and the capital of Amazonas, in N Brazil, on the Río Negro near its confluence with the Amazon: about 1000 miles (1600 km) from the Atlantic but accessible to some ocean trade.
[am-uh-zoh-nuh s] /ˌæm əˈzoʊ nəs/
a state in NW Brazil. 601,769 sq. mi. (1,558,582 sq. km).
Capital: Manáos.
a state of W Brazil, consisting of the central Amazon basin: vast areas of unexplored tropical rainforest. Capital: Manaus. Pop: 2 961 801 (2002). Area: 1 542 277 sq km (595 474 sq miles)
/Portuguese məˈnaus/
a variant spelling of Manaus


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