Mongolian firepot


See Mongolian hot pot


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  • Mongolian-fold

    noun 1. . Mongolian fold n. Epicanthic fold. No longer in technical use.

  • Mongolian-hot-pot

    noun, Chinese Cookery. 1. a stewlike dish of sliced meat, seafood, and vegetables cooked together in hot broth, often in a clay pot, and seasoned with a hot sauce. noun an Asian dish using a shared pot of simmering stock in which each diner dips meat or vegetables to cook it, which is then eaten […]

  • Mongolian-idiocy

    noun, (often lowercase) Pathology. 1. (no longer in technical use) Down syndrome.

  • Mongolian spot

    mongolian spot n. Any of a number of dark-bluish or mulberry-colored spots on the lower back, observed in newborn infants, that enlarge for a short time after birth and then gradually recede. Also called blue spot.

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