Neurilemma cell

neurilemma cell or neurolemma cell
See Schwann cell.


Read Also:

  • Neurilemoma

    neurilemoma neu·ri·le·mo·ma or neu·ri·lem·mo·ma (nur’ə-lə-mō’mə, nyur’-) n. A benign, encapsulated neoplasm that may originate from a peripheral or sympathetic nerve, or from various cranial nerves. Also called neurinoma, schwannoma.

  • Neurinoma

    neurinoma neu·ri·no·ma (nur’ə-nō’mə, nyur’-) n. See neurilemoma.

  • Neurimotor

    neurimotor neu·ri·mo·tor (nur’ə-mō’tər, nyur’-) adj. Of or relating to a motor nerve.

  • Neuristor

    [noo-ris-ter, nyoo-] /nʊˈrɪs tər, nyʊ-/ noun 1. a microelectronic fiberlike device used in information processing. neuristor (n-rĭs’tər) An electronic component that processes electrical signals in a manner modeling the behavior of neurons.

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