Nose for news

noun phrase

Special ability and eagerness for learning news: A good reporter has, first of all, a keen nose for news (1893+)


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    [nohz-gey] /ˈnoʊzˌgeɪ/ noun 1. a small bunch of flowers; bouquet; posy. /ˈnəʊzˌɡeɪ/ noun 1. a small bunch of flowers; posy n. “bunch of flowers,” early 15c., from nose (n.) + gay in an obsolete noun sense of “gay or bright thing.”

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    1. Also,nose into. 2. Advance cautiously, front end first, as in We nosed the boat into her berth, or The car nosed in very slowly. [ Mid-1900s ] 3. Pry, snoop, as in He was nosing into our finances again. [ First half of 1900s ] Also see: poke one’s nose into

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