Open switch

(IBM, probably from railways) An unresolved question, issue, or problem.
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    noun, Thermodynamics. 1. a region separated from its surroundings by a boundary that admits a transfer of matter or energy across it. noun 1. (computing) an operating system that is not specific to a particular supplier, but conforms to more widely compatible standards noun a changeable and alterable set of doctrines, ideas, or things; a […]

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    operating system (OSA) A competitor to IBM’s SNA. (2005-03-07)

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    networking (OSI-RM, OSI Reference Model, seven layer model) A model of network architecture and a suite of protocols (a protocol stack) to implement it, developed by ISO in 1978 as a framework for international standards in heterogeneous computer network architecture. The OSI architecture is split between seven layers, from lowest to highest: 1 physical layer, […]

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