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Open systems interconnect

Open Systems Interconnection


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  • Open systems interconnection

    networking (OSI-RM, OSI Reference Model, seven layer model) A model of network architecture and a suite of protocols (a protocol stack) to implement it, developed by ISO in 1978 as a framework for international standards in heterogeneous computer network architecture. The OSI architecture is split between seven layers, from lowest to highest: 1 physical layer, […]

  • Open telecom platform

    communications, library, Erlang (OTP) A set of standard, open source libraries and tools for use with Erlang. (http://erlang.org/faq/t1.html#AEN17). (2001-08-28)

  • Open texture

    noun 1. (philosophy) the failure of natural languages to determine future usage, particularly the ability of predicates to permit the construction of borderline cases

  • Open the door to

    Also, open doors. Create an opportunity for, as in Legalizing marijuana may open the door to all kinds of abuse, or Her statement opened the door to further discussion, or Dad’s connections at the hospital have opened doors for Richard’s colleagues at medical school. [ Late 1600s ]

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