[wah-bah-in] /wɑˈbɑ ɪn/

noun, Pharmacology.
a glycoside occurring as a white, crystalline powder, C 2 9 H 4 4 O 1 2 , obtained from the seeds of a shrub, Strophanthus gratus, or from the wood of trees of the genus Acokanthera, and used in medicine chiefly as a cardiac stimulant.
a poisonous white crystalline glycoside extracted from certain trees and used as a heart stimulant and, by some African tribes, on poison darts. Formula: C29H44O12.8H2O

ouabain oua·ba·in (wä-bā’ĭn)
A white poisonous glycoside extracted from the seeds of the African trees Strophanthus gratus and Acokanthera ouabaio and used as a heart stimulant.


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