pachygyria pach·y·gy·ri·a (pāk’ĭ-jī’rē-ə)
Unusually thick convolutions of the cerebral cortex.


Read Also:

  • Pachyleptomeningitis

    pachyleptomeningitis pach·y·lep·to·men·in·gi·tis (pāk’ē-lěp’tō-měn’ĭn-jī’tĭs) n. Inflammation of the membranes of the brain or spinal cord.

  • Pachymeningitis

    /ˌpækɪˌmɛnɪnˈdʒaɪtɪs/ noun 1. (pathol) inflammation of the dura mater of the brain and spinal cord pachymeningitis pach·y·men·in·gi·tis (pāk’ē-měn’ĭn-jī’tĭs) n. A condition in which the dura mater becomes inflamed. Also called perimeningitis.

  • Pachymeningopathy

    pachymeningopathy pach·y·me·nin·gop·a·thy (pāk’ē-měn’ĭng-gŏp’ə-thē) n. Disease of the dura mater.

  • Pachymeninx

    pachymeninx pach·y·me·ninx (pāk’ē-mē’nĭngks) n. See dura mater.

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