Parietal emissary vein

parietal emissary vein n.
A vein that connects the superior sagittal sinus with tributaries of the superficial temporal vein and with other scalp veins.


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  • Parietal endocarditis

    parietal endocarditis n. See mural endocarditis.

  • Parietal-eye

    noun 1. Zoology. a median outgrowth of the diencephalon anterior to the pineal apparatus, having visual adaptations in many anamniotes and lizards.

  • Parietal fistula

    parietal fistula n. A blind or complete fistula opening on the wall of the thorax or the abdomen.

  • Parietal foramen

    parietal foramen n. An opening in the parietal bone near the sagittal margin to the rear.

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