a hot sauce, of Portuguese colonial origin, made from red chilli peppers


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  • Pirimicarb

    noun any of several synthetic compounds used as an insecticide to kill aphids Word Origin 1970; pyrimidine + carbamate

  • Pistolero

    [pis-tl-air-oh; Spanish pees-taw-le-raw] /ˌpɪs tlˈɛər oʊ; Spanish ˌpis tɔˈlɛ rɔ/ noun, plural pistoleros [pis-tl-air-ohz; Spanish pees-taw-le-raws] /ˌpɪs tlˈɛər oʊz; Spanish ˌpis tɔˈlɛ rɔs/ (Show IPA) (esp. in Mexico and Central America) 1. a member of an armed band of roving mounted bandits. 2. a gunman or hired killer. n. 1937, from Spanish; see pistolier.

  • Pistol-grip

    noun 1. a handle or grip, as of a rifle or saw, shaped like the butt of a pistol. noun 1.

  • Pistol-handle knife

    [pis-tl-han-dl] /ˈpɪs tlˌhæn dl/ noun 1. a table knife, especially of the 18th century, having a slightly curved handle resembling the grip of a flintlock pistol.

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