a tool for puttying, having a broad flexible blade.


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  • Puttyroot

    [puht-ee-root, -roo t] /ˈpʌt iˌrut, -ˌrʊt/ noun 1. an American orchid, Aplectrum hyemale, having a slender naked rootstock that produces a leafless stalk with a loose cluster of yellowish-brown flowers.

  • Putty-powder

    noun 1. an abrasive consisting chiefly of stannic oxide, used for polishing hard surfaces. noun 1. a powder, either tin oxide or tin and lead oxide, used for polishing glassware, metal, etc

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    [poo-too-mah-yaw] /ˌpu tuˈmɑ yɔ/ noun 1. a river in NW South America, flowing SE from S Colombia into the Amazon in NW Brazil. 900 miles (1450 km) long. /Spanish putuˈmajo/ noun 1. a river in NW South America, rising in S Colombia and flowing southeast as most of the border between Colombia and Peru, entering […]

  • Put-up

    [poo t-uhp] /ˈpʊtˌʌp/ adjective, Informal. 1. planned beforehand in a secret or crafty manner: a put-up job.

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