a motorized device having spinning blades perpendicular to the ground and arranged like spokes, used for tilling soil.


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  • Rototome

    rototome ro·to·tome (rō’tə-tōm’) n. A rotating cutting instrument used in arthroscopic surgery.

  • Rotovate

    verb 1. (transitive) to break up (the surface of the earth, or an area of ground) using a Rotavator

  • Rotproof

    adjective 1. resistant to rotting.

  • Rotta

    noun, Music. 1. crowd2 . noun, Music. 1. rote2 . noun 1. a habitual or mechanical routine or procedure 2. by rote, by repetition; by heart (often in the phrase learn by rote) noun 1. an ancient violin-like musical instrument; crwth see: by heart (rote)

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