secretomotor se·cre·to·mo·tor (sĭ-krē’tō-mō’tər) or se·cre·to·mo·to·ry (-mō’tə-rē)
Acting to stimulate secretion.


Read Also:

  • Secretor

    secretor se·cre·tor (sĭ-krē’tər) n. A cell, a tissue, or an organ that produces a secretion. A person whose saliva and other body fluids contain ABO antigens.

  • Secretory

    adjective 1. pertaining to secretion. 2. performing the process of secretion. noun, plural secretories. 3. a secretory organ, vessel, or the like. adjective 1. of, relating to, or producing a secretion: a secretory cell, secretory function secretory se·cre·to·ry (sĭ-krē’tə-rē) adj. Relating to or performing secretion.

  • Secretory carcinoma

    secretory carcinoma n. Carcinoma of the breast composed of cells that are highly secretory; it occurs primarily in children.

  • Secretory duct

    secretory duct n. See salivary duct.

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