adjective, Ropemaking.


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  • Short leg

    noun 1. (cricket) a fielding position on the leg side near the batsman’s wicket a fielder in this position

  • Shore-patrol

    noun 1. (often initial capital letters) members of an organization in the U.S. Navy having police duties similar to those performed by military police. Abbreviation: SP. shore patrol noun 1. (US) a naval unit serving the same function as the military police

  • Shoreline

    noun 1. the line where shore and water meet. noun 1. the edge of a body of water

  • Short-list

    verb (used with object) 1. to put on a short list. noun 1. a list of those people or items preferred or most likely to be chosen, as winnowed from a longer list of possibilities. noun 1. a list of suitable applicants for a job, post, etc, from which the successful candidate will be selected […]

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