single-celled definition

Made up of only one cell. Bacteria are single-celled organisms.


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  • Single-cell protein

    [sing-guh l-sel] /ˈsɪŋ gəlˌsɛl/ noun 1. a protein produced or derived from the culture of a single-celled organism, used as a food supplement or substitute. Abbreviation: SCP. single-cell protein noun 1. protein that is produced by micro-organisms fermenting in liquid or gaseous petroleum fractions or other organic substances: used as a food supplement SCP

  • Single-combat

    noun 1. combat between two persons.

  • Single connection attach

    hardware (SCA, “Single Connector Attachment”) A non-standard type of SCSI connector, used mostly by OEMs, which carries both power and data on one 80-pin connector. SCA SCSI drives tend to be cheaper but use with standard SCSI cables requires an adaptor and external termination. ( (2003-06-21)

  • Single connector attachment

    Single Connection Attach

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