(Scot) a variant of stour


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  • Stoozing

    noun 1. (informal) the practice of taking advantage of an introductory interest-free period offered by a credit-card company to borrow money for investment elsewhere, esp in a high-interest account

  • Stop

    verb (used with object), stopped or (Archaic) stopt; stopping. 1. to cease from, leave off, or discontinue: to stop running. 2. to cause to cease; put an end to: to stop noise in the street. 3. to interrupt, arrest, or check (a course, proceeding, process, etc.): Stop your work just a minute. 4. to cut […]

  • Stop-action photography

    [stop-ak-shuh n] /ˈstɒpˈæk ʃən/ noun, Movies. 1. stop motion (def 1).

  • Stop-and-go

    adjective 1. characterized by periodically enforced stops, as caused by heavy traffic or traffic signals: stop-and-go traffic.

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