(transitive) (pathol) to partially dislocate


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  • Subluxation

    noun, Medicine/Medical. 1. a partial dislocation, as of a joint; sprain. subluxation sub·lux·a·tion (sŭb’lŭk-sā’shən) n. Incomplete or partial dislocation, as of a bone in a joint.

  • Submachine-gun

    [suhb-muh-sheen] /ˌsʌb məˈʃin/ noun 1. a lightweight automatic or semiautomatic gun, fired from the shoulder or hip.

  • Sub-machine-gun

    noun 1. a portable automatic or semiautomatic light gun with a short barrel, firing pistol ammunition: designed to be fired from the hip or shoulder

  • Submammary

    adjective, Anatomy, Zoology. 1. of or relating to the mamma or breast. adjective 1. of, relating to, or like a mamma or breast mammary mam·ma·ry (mām’ə-rē) adj. Of or relating to a breast or mamma.

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