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adjective, Anatomy, Zoology.
of or relating to the mamma or breast.
of, relating to, or like a mamma or breast

mammary mam·ma·ry (mām’ə-rē)
Of or relating to a breast or mamma.


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  • Submammary mastitis

    submammary mastitis sub·mam·ma·ry mastitis (sŭb-mām’ə-rē) n. Inflammation of the tissues around the mammary gland. Also called paramastitis.

  • Sub-manager

    noun 1. a person who has control or direction of an institution, business, etc., or of a part, division, or phase of it. 2. a person who manages: the manager of our track team. 3. a person who controls and manipulates resources and expenditures, as of a household. 4. British. (formerly) a theatrical producer. noun […]

  • Submandibular duct

    submandibular duct sub·man·dib·u·lar duct (sŭb’mān-dĭb’yə-lər) n. The duct of the submandibular gland, which opens beneath the tongue. Also called submaxillary duct, Wharton’s duct.

  • Submandibular fovea

    submandibular fovea n. The depression in which the submandibular gland is lodged, located on the medial surface of the body of the mandible below the mylohyoid line.

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