verb (used with object)
to withdraw or take away, as a part from a whole.
Mathematics. to take (one number or quantity) from another; deduct.
verb (used without object)
to take away something or a part, as from a whole.
to calculate the difference between (two numbers or quantities) by subtraction
to remove (a part of a thing, quantity, etc) from the whole


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  • Subtraction

    noun 1. an act or instance of subtracting. 2. Mathematics. the operation or process of finding the difference between two numbers or quantities, denoted by a minus sign (−). noun 1. the act or process of subtracting 2. a mathematical operation in which the difference between two numbers or quantities is calculated. Usually indicated by […]

  • Subtractive

    adjective 1. tending to subtract; having power to subtract. 2. Mathematics. (of a quantity) that is to be subtracted; having the minus sign (−). adjective 1. able or tending to remove or subtract 2. indicating or requiring subtraction; having a minus sign: –x is a subtractive quantity subtractive (səb-trāk’tĭv) Relating to the production of color […]

  • Subtractive-color

    noun, Photography. 1. cyan, yellow, or magenta, as used in the subtractive process of color photography.

  • Subtractive-process

    noun 1. a process of color photography in which the colors are formed by combination of cyan, yellow, and magenta lights. subtractive process noun 1. a photographic process in which all but the desired colours are removed by passing the illuminating light through subtractive filters Compare additive process

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