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  • More mimic

    Synonyms for more mimic adj simulated, unoriginal counterfeit onomatopoeic echoic artful copycat deceptive derivative following forged mimic mock parrot pseudo reflective secondhand sham emulative emulous put-on copied copying mimetic mimicking plagiarized reflecting simulant Antonyms for more mimic different genuine original Synonyms adj artificial, fake make-believe bogus phony simulated dummy ersatz pseudo pretended mimic feigned imitation […]

  • Precision

    Synonyms for precision noun accuracy rigor heed meticulousness exactitude attention correctness carefulness nicety preciseness sureness fidelity exactness particularity care definiteness definitiveness definitude Antonyms for precision carelessness disregard inattention negligence thoughtlessness ignorance inaccuracy infidelity neglect inexactness imprecision

  • Out last

    Synonyms for out last verb endure beyond another survive hang on outlive remain outwear outstay Antonyms for out last cease fall apart peter out succumb fail lose shoot Synonyms verb persist, carry on advance go on extend linger pursue reach stay remain maintain sustain progress survive last promote endure persevere project uphold ride outlast lengthen […]

  • Chouses

    Synonyms for chouses verb cheat, bilk fleece victimize rob dupe deceive embezzle con circumvent swindle pilfer hoax clip stick do burn milk foil outwit shaft trick beguile take cozen shuck bamboozle delude do out of flimflam rip off take in chouse jive do number on pull fast one sucker into take to the cleaner’s Antonyms […]

  • Oiled the wheels

    Synonyms for oiled the wheels verb make slippery grease oil anoint smear make lard smooth slick wax cream tallow lube oil the wheels Antonyms for oiled the wheels dry

  • Un selfishly

    Synonyms for un selfishly adv generously altruistically openhandedly Antonyms for un selfishly egotistically Synonyms adv with an open heart warmly candidly majestically nobly politely enthusiastically graciously wholeheartedly liberally unselfishly altruistically benevolently bigheartedly charitably chivalrously genially magnanimously ungrudgingly unreservedly Antonyms selfishly grudgingly sparingly stingily coldly heartlessly

  • Mug

    Synonyms for mug noun drinking cup jug tankard flagon coffee cup demitasse stoup toby Synonyms noun face profile puss frown mask kisser countenance grimace Synonyms verb hold up rob assault steal hold up purse-snatch stick up

  • Decolored

    Synonyms for decolored verb whiten lighten blanch etiolate blench fade achromatize decolorize peroxide decolor grow pale make pale wash out Antonyms for decolored darken blacken yellow Synonyms verb make or become extremely pale bleach blanch whitewash lighten frost dull etiolate blench fade white pale silver grizzle decolorize chalk decolor turn pale Antonyms darken dirty brighten […]

  • Choir

    Synonyms for choir noun group of singers ensemble glee club choristers vocalists carolers chorale voices singing group Synonyms noun collection chorus trio cast orchestra band troupe assemblage gathering set group composite sum outfit entirety totality aggregate organization total whole company glee club quintet sextet quartet octet Antonyms individual fraction part Synonyms verb carry a tune […]

  • Most unprosperous

    Synonyms for most unprosperous adj not well, weak short scanty shy faint defeated scant wanting deficient feeble inadequate insufficient scarce unavailing unsuccessful vain declining unprosperous unsufficient unthriving Antonyms for most unprosperous adequate enough sufficient healthy OK thriving rebounding strong well Synonyms adj poverty-stricken broke destitute homeless impoverished indigent insolvent needy penniless penurious poor strapped necessitous […]