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  • Low calorie food

    Synonyms for low calorie food noun healthful food fiber lite food low-calorie food low-fat food natural food nonfat food organic food roughage

  • Cozen

    Synonyms for cozen verb deceive dupe hoodwink cheat bilk chisel trick beguile bamboozle gyp swindle defraud con flimflam fraud Antonyms for cozen give be honest

  • Flip one’s lids

    Synonyms for flip one’s lids noun uncontrolled state or situation turmoil fever madness burst fury rage excitement mania passion free-for-all furor outburst craze hysteria agitation ruction seizure conniption convulsion transport row blow fit distemper derangement ferment bout spasm stir to-do ruckus fuss aberration insanity rumble stew paroxysm flap lunacy lather distraction rumpus delirium dithers blow […]

  • Most adumbrative

    Synonyms for most adumbrative adj characteristic, typical rep classic model classical ideal archetypal evocative exemplary illustrative quintessential symbolic delineative emblematic prototypal prototypical symbolical adumbrative depictive presentational Antonyms for most adumbrative imperfect atypical different uncharacteristic unrepresentative

  • Being similar to

    Synonyms for being similar to verb come close to; approximate abut adjoin approach compare connect contact echo impinge join march match near neighbor parallel resemble touch verge on come near be like be similar to lie near lie next to Antonyms for being similar to not touch Synonyms verb agree, complement conform compare dovetail correlate […]

  • Haddest compassion

    Synonyms for haddest compassion verb feel sorry for; spare forgive pardon reprieve commiserate solace comfort sympathize soothe condole relent understand ache console identify with feel for be sorry for be sympathetic bleed for feel with give quarter grant amnesty grieve with have compassion have mercy on lament with show forgiveness show sympathy take pity on […]

  • More low down

    Synonyms for more low down adj despicable, shameful worthless vile disgusting odious abhorrent hateful abominable abject bad base beggarly cheap crass degenerate detestable dirty heel ignoble ignominious inferior low lowest mean outcast paltry pitiful poor sad shabby sordid sorry unworthy wretched pitiable currish despisable low-down scummy scurvy swinish Antonyms for more low down kind pleasant […]

  • Most stirred

    Synonyms for most stirred adj deeply moved or hurt emotionally impressed distressed concerned damaged touched troubled overwhelmed afflicted injured influenced compassionate altered changed upset stimulated tender impaired excited overwrought sorry sympathetic stirred grieved Antonyms for most stirred collected untroubled OK sane healthy unperturbed unswayed unchanged unhurt unimpaired calm happy hard kept unmoved uninjured Synonyms adj […]

  • Synthetic

    Synonyms for synthetic adj artificial manufactured ersatz phony makeshift fake plastic mock counterfeit factitious hokey made unnatural fabricated false constructed Antonyms for synthetic real genuine true natural

  • Stricture

    Synonyms for stricture noun censure criticism blame reprobation obloquy rebuke Antonyms for stricture compliment praise Synonyms noun constriction restraint compression binding narrowing shrinking contraction strangulation tightness choking astringency squeezing tightening Antonyms enlargement