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  • Ankled

    Synonyms for ankled verb walk casually sashay ramble drift wander mosey loiter meander toddle saunter stroll ankle dawdle percolate gander boogie hoof it Antonyms for ankled stay run go direct Synonyms verb stroll along sashay traipse ramble toddle loiter mosey roam mope meander amble wander stump percolate linger tarry drift promenade ooze rove ankle dally […]

  • Wilting

    Synonyms for wilt verb sag, fail droop ebb wane dwindle faint melt wither fade diminish shrivel succumb collapse drop mummify flag weaken sink waste languish cave in become limp break down dry up give out waste away wizen Antonyms for wilting increase grow enlarge bloom rise develop expand extend build strengthen

  • Try one’s hand

    Synonyms for try one’s hand verb take a risk; be courageous undertake attempt presume stake hazard try brave adventure venture endanger endeavor speculate gamble risk go ahead be bold make bold pluck up run the risk take a chance take heart Antonyms for try one’s hand abstain ignore hold back refrain be careful Synonyms verb […]

  • Art dumbstruck

    Synonyms for art dumbstruck verb be amazed stare admire marvel boggle gape gawk be astonished be awestruck be confounded be dumbstruck be fascinated be flabbergasted be startled be taken aback look aghast Antonyms for art dumbstruck believe know anticipate expect

  • Irrevocability

    Synonyms for irrevocability noun definiteness, conclusiveness certitude decisiveness completeness resolution entirety finish perfection totality integrity wholeness decidedness inevitableness intactness unavoidability terminality Antonyms for irrevocability continuity indefiniteness incompleteness fraction part inconclusiveness

  • Going up against

    Synonyms for going up against verb fight withstand cope fight resist repel oppose contend buck duel engage clash contest defy traverse struggle battle strive war dispute cross swords with do battle with go up against put up a fight shoot it out Antonyms for going up against surrender give in retreat yield support give up […]

  • Reconnoitre

    Synonyms for reconnoitre verb investigate; survey try search probe scrutinize research examine test analyze seek prospect traverse inspect travel hunt question tour sift scout burrow go into look into delve into dig into have a look inquire into leave no stone unturned turn inside out Antonyms for reconnoitre ignore find neglect overlook

  • Shucking and jive

    Synonyms for shucking and jive verb disguise, pretend pussyfoot feign dissimulate hide conceal cover whitewash mask cloak camouflage shroud signify stonewall simulate fake affect counterfeit pass falsify sham double-talk dress up let on play possum put on an act cover up doublespeak four-flush make like put on a false front put on a front put […]

  • Pit stop

    Synonyms for pit stop noun restroom break brief stop call of nature refueling stop rest stop service stop

  • Hard pulls

    Synonyms for hard pulls noun hard work strain operation employment endeavor use utilization stretch effort labor application exercise travail toil struggle trouble attempt industry trial activity action elbow grease pains striving hard pull long pull Antonyms for hard pulls idleness inaction inactivity misuse laziness entertainment fun happiness indolence inertia unemployment peace