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  • Newscaster newspersons

    Synonyms for newscaster newspersons noun person who delivers news accuser adviser announcer betrayer blabbermouth herald interviewer journalist messenger preacher propagandist rat reporter sneak source stool pigeon tattletale double-crosser tattler canary crier deep throat newscaster/newsperson notifier Synonyms noun informer adviser propagandist interviewer accuser reporter announcer tattler double-crosser blabbermouth sneak betrayer preacher source rat messenger herald tattletale […]

  • Cyclo pedia

    Synonyms for cyclo pedia noun book of word meanings glossary language vocabulary concordance lexicon reference encyclopedia palaver terminology cyclopedia promptory Synonyms noun printed matter with information writing evidence dictionary thesaurus source encyclopedia archives cyclopedia Synonyms noun book of facts compilation concordance almanac reference book cyclopedia book of knowledge

  • Skims through

    Synonyms for skims through verb look at briefly peer peek flash scan glimpse browse see gaze peep view check out dip into run through take in flip through get a load of leaf through riffle through run over skim through take a gander thumb through Antonyms for skims through ignore stare

  • In anticipation

    Synonyms for in anticipation adj early earlier ahead advanced ahead of time already ante before fore precocious previous previously sooner antecedently before now in advance precedently Synonyms adv earlier then already formerly heretofore once ahead ante back before beforehand erstwhile fore forward long ago hitherto antecedently a while ago at one time away back back […]

  • Overhead projectors

    Synonyms for overhead projectors noun film projector overhead projector projector slide projector stereopticon

  • Disburbs

    Synonyms for disburbs verb shock, scare dismay discourage dishearten terrorize perturb intimidate appall alarm unnerve astound agitate deter faze startle demoralize disconcert horrify daunt awe petrify terrify cow disquiet affright repel spook bulldoze panic unhinge browbeat chill discomfort stiff chill to the bone curdle the blood disburb make blood run cold make teeth chatter scare […]

  • Embody

    Synonyms for embody verb represent; materialize exemplify incorporate exhibit express epitomize manifest typify personify mirror demonstrate symbolize stand for realize illustrate incarnate complete exteriorize substantiate show personalize externalize evince objectify actualize concretize hypostatize reify emblematize Antonyms for embody conceal hide obscure exclude disintegrate cover disembody Synonyms verb include, integrate incorporate blend codify comprehend involve embrace […]

  • Go go

    Synonyms for go go adj knowledgeable wise mindful conscious apprehensive receptive informed alive appreciative awake cognizant familiar attentive acquainted alert au courant cool enlightened groovy heedful hip into know-how knowing perceptive savvy sensible sentient sharp with it appraised apprised go-go grounded in the know in the picture know the score latched on on the beam […]

  • Being of the same mind

    Synonyms for being of the same mind verb be in unison, assent with another set concur grant recognize acknowledge concede sign admit settle allow comply accede okay acquiesce consent subscribe engage permit check bury the hatchet cut a deal play ball yes be of the same mind buy into clinch the deal come to terms […]

  • Common people

    Synonyms for common people noun people in general working class folk folks hillbilly hoi polloi lower class masses proletariat