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  • Gat back in shape

    Synonyms for gat back in shape verb revive; take a turn for the better enliven recuperate refresh surge invigorate recover improve bounce back come along perk up pick up pull through brace up come around come from behind get act together get back in shape get better get second wind grow stronger make a comeback […]

  • Influencings

    Synonyms for influencings noun indoctrination persuasion influencing conditioning

  • Trireme

    Synonyms for trireme noun a ship tender dinghy rowboat galleon bireme galiot galleass quarter galley

  • Strafed

    Synonyms for strafed verb detonate weapon wipe out raid bombard destroy attack blow up blast shell blitz rake cannonade strafe napalm prang torpedo rain destruction zero in Antonyms for strafed create aid protect build do well succeed win Synonyms verb assault, attack hound bomb besiege pester blitz harass barrage batter blast catapult shell launch cannonade […]

  • Air embolism

    Synonyms for air embolism noun condition caused by rapid change in atmospheric pressure aeroembolism bends caisson disease decompression disease dysbaric illness the bends tunnel disease diver’s condition diver’s palsy

  • Sweet sounding

    Synonyms for sweet sounding adj melodious agreeable musical pleasurable sweet pleasing to the ear sweet-sounding Synonyms adj pleasing to the ear agreeable clear dulcet harmonious mellifluous melodious musical rhythmic smooth tuneful sweet-sounding well-pitched Synonyms adj agreeable, corresponding; friendly cordial peaceful balanced congenial amicable accordant adapted compatible congruous consonant dulcet euphonious like matching mellifluous melodic melodious […]

  • Twin bill

    Synonyms for twin bill noun two consecutive entertainments double feature doubleheader

  • Downcomes

    Synonyms for downcomes noun deterioration decline abasement comedown discomfiture downfall lapse slump degradation down anticlimax debasement pathos cadence decadence downcome Antonyms for downcomes increase boon success ascension improvement rise ascent promotion elevation upgrade

  • Sought advice

    Synonyms for sought advice verb ask, confer huddle consider deliberate review negotiate brainstorm examine interview respect argue discuss confab flap commune regard question interrogate powwow treat cogitate parlay debate confabulate call in turn to collogue ask advice of be closeted with compare notes groupthink kick ideas around put heads together refer to seek advice seek […]

  • Frail

    Synonyms for frail adj breakable, weak slim fragile slender sickly decrepit thin infirm feeble vulnerable tender brittle flimsy slight dainty delicate fishy insubstantial puny sad tenuous unsound unsubstantial wishy-washy wispy frangible fracturable shatterable shattery wimpy Antonyms for frail healthy unbreakable firm strong fat hearty solid sound rough tough heavy thick Usage Notes This term is […]