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  • Art a target

    Synonyms for art a target verb go through an ordeal come to grips with be a target be a whipping boy court disaster face criticism go through fire and water meet head-on take potshots take the bull by the horns face one’s punishment go in harm’s way march up to the cannon’s mouth take one’s […]

  • Steeple

    Synonyms for steeple noun tower cupola turret spire belfry minaret ziggurat campanile

  • Have at one disposal

    Synonyms for have at one disposal verb control, use handle exert employ maintain swing apply operate brandish manipulate possess maneuver manage shake work utilize ply wave command have conduct hold flourish throw exercise make use of put to use have at one’s disposal Antonyms for have at one disposal misuse ignore cease neglect fail idle

  • Fore sworn

    Synonyms for fore sworn adj disloyal, adulterous cheating untrue deceitful faithless fickle inconstant incontinent perfidious recreant shifty snaky traitorous treacherous two-faced two-timing unreliable untrustworthy wicked false-hearted sneaking treasonable unchaste false adulterine double-crossing foresworn moonlighting not true to of bad faith philandering Antonyms for fore sworn loyal trustworthy faithful

  • Dudding

    Synonyms for dudding verb dress in fine clothes bedeck drape fit deck dud garb outfit decorate attire wrap tog clothe try on turn out deck out dog out dude up fit out suit up Antonyms for dudding disrobe uncover unclothe Synonyms verb clothe drape deck clad dud outfit costume equip array dress tog accoutre doll […]

  • Lay it down

    Synonyms for lay it down verb hit half-heartedly sacrifice toss meet throw butt

  • Serial

    Synonyms for serial adj in continuing order sequential following consecutive continual continuing ensuing successive sequent successional continued going on succedent succeeding Antonyms for serial disordered

  • Wire pulls

    Synonyms for wire pulls verb use complex methods to make deal finagle lobby plot scheme wire-pull

  • Carpet apes

    Synonyms for carpet apes noun young child tot carpet ape carpet rat crumbsnatcher curtain-climber rug ape small child

  • Qualifying for

    Synonyms for qualifying for verb hold right to authorize enable empower allow permit warrant rate let enfranchise license accredit be in line for confer a right fit for have coming make eligible qualify for Antonyms for qualifying for deny reject disallow refuse