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  • Goes south

    Synonyms for goes south verb run away, depart secretly break hightail fade skedaddle get jump scram quit leave decamp bolt slip escape vanish flee vamoose disappear split beat it clear out make off pull out take off cut and run dog it duck out fly the coop go AWOL go south make a break make […]

  • Gotten upper hand

    Synonyms for gotten upper hand verb be superior to; surpass top eclipse outstrip transcend overtake better distance beat cap excel overstep outshine pass surmount outdo outrun best go by outpace overtax break record get upper hand go beyond have a jump on have advantage have it all over out-distance outreach rise above run circles around […]

  • Barratries

    Synonyms for barratries noun violation of a law violation infraction contravention noncompliance infringement dereliction disregard offense transgression neglect trespass delinquency disobedience nonobservance barratry Antonyms for barratries obedience bridge observance regard respect connection upholding Synonyms noun trickery, deception scam blackmail hoax deceit misrepresentation extortion graft spuriousness duplicity cheat fake sting shakedown artifice racket sell imposture double-dealing […]

  • Speeded away

    Synonyms for speeded away verb run, dash scuttle zip romp skip scurry dart bolt scoot sprint hurry trot shoot fly skedaddle tear flee race hie hasten speed whip light out make off rush off speed away Antonyms for speeded away slow dawdle walk wait stroll face stay

  • Most scrutinized

    Synonyms for most scrutinized adj attended to marked investigated recorded observed reported written examined included noted scrutinized regarded explored surveyed accounted for Antonyms for most scrutinized unknown unheeded unnoticed exposed open revealed bare empty unfurnished passed over Synonyms adj examined tried studied tested inspected reviewed considered measured checked scrutinized probed explored questioned searched researched cross-examined […]

  • Deliverance

    Synonyms for deliverance noun liberation emancipation salvation freeing saving rescue delivery acquittal release redemption extrication Antonyms for deliverance hold Concept Thesaurus for word deliverance 2. Subservience to ends; contingent subservience Synonyms – noun deliverance reprieval redemption redeemableness. extrication respite salvation rescue liberation riddance reprieve emancipation gaol delivery Synonyms – verbs deliver emancipate bring through come […]

  • Hightech

    Synonyms for hightech adj complicated, elaborate tricky tortuous sophisticated complex tangled convoluted labyrinthine baroque difficult abstruse can of worms fancy hard involved obscure perplexing rococo byzantine daedal entangled high-tech Antonyms for hightech uncomplicated obvious methodical systematic easy direct straight straightforward simple clear plain apparent understandable Synonyms adj complicated muddled elaborate sophisticated winding tangled convoluted confusing […]

  • Sweetmeats

    Synonyms for sweetmeats noun food with a high sugar content preserves confectionery dessert confection candy pudding bonbons pie comfit pastries candied fruit Synonyms noun sweet foods preserves confectionery candy goodies desserts Synonyms noun confection sweet bonbon confectionery jawbreaker sweetmeat confit hokum Synonyms noun sugary food dessert confection snack candy bonbon confectionery enjoyment joy delight pudding […]

  • Storm petrels

    Synonyms for storm petrels noun bird of ill omen harbinger omen rebel red flag raven storm petrel Mother Carey’s chicken

  • Codified

    Synonyms for codify verb systematize summarize organize condense collect catalogue code tabulate classify order digest arrange Antonyms for codified disarrange disorder disorganize enlarge lengthen disperse scatter mix up expand unsystematize