d*mn! that’s devouscia.

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  • slap off ya head

    to hit someone in the head, it’s a bahamian term. jaden: ” i hate you.” chirs: ” dont make me slap off ya head!”

  • roof plow

    the act of f*cking someone on the roof of a building. prefereably a well known or high building as this increases the amount of respect your bro’s will give you for it. last night i totally roof plowed emma ontop of walmart

  • orca porker

    a gentleman who prefers s*xual congress with big boned ladies or, indeed, men. a chubby chaser. “oh man, look at her! she’s got more cushion for the pushin’!” “dude, you’re such an orca porker.”

  • caffeineohollic

    one who is addicted to caffeine alyson is a caffeineohollic

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