when someones being r*t*rded and annoying
shut the f*ck up bob your an annoying *ss douchet*tt

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  • yibbage

    a filler word for something that is very unappreciated. another word for “garbage” or “b.s.” pr*nounced: yibb-idge; yib-ihj. “he said he could jump 100 feet high!” response: “that’s a bunch of yibbage, no man can do that!”

  • catch me outside how bou dait

    an overly elaborate phrase to put across the intention to take it outside and beat the f*ck out of each other. dr phil: “gurl, were you held back in school? did you make it to 5th grade?” girl: “wherre the car at, i got mah keys. not mah fault he had em layin around, he […]

  • taranaki biscuit

    taking a sh*t on a mountain i took the best taranaki biscuit on the mountain

  • spicey dry rub

    when a person cuts and handles spicey peppers and then jerks off a guy. susie gave me a jalapeño spicey dry rub last night and i can’t stop the burning!

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