the best norwegian in norway hobbies are: cars, troll hunting and drinking others bodily fluids.
dremme look at the nose on that troll

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  • seductive banjo

    complete know head who can’t play games for sh*t you’re a right seductive banjo

  • gobbin

    north country term (lancashire/ c*mbria) – an exceptionally stupid person – whose tongue is too big for their mouth. i’ll tell ya what, he’s a reet gobbin, that one. a gobbin is something you would call someone if you have a personal problem with them. ‘listen man, your a complete f*ckin’ gobbin aren’t you?’

  • lingfan

    the shipping of ling yao and lan fan in fullmetal alchemist. but if you’re looking this up, you probably don’t know what shipping means either. lingfan – one of mah personal faaaavorites 😉

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