eggy woofter

an eggy fart
that fart was an eggy woofter

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  • b*tch emotion

    an aggressive man-boy who expresses his emotions in an explosive feminine-like rage. then ends this fit with a pint of ha-gen das . “there goes wayne again”, that dude’s throwing a fit over nothing! “he got b*tch emotions”.

  • jolly ending

    the act of jerking off a man while dressed as santa and singing christmas carols. “i heard the m*ssage parlors giving out jolly endings as a christmas promotion”

  • marqavis

    a g*y boy who smacks boys b*tt and humps them when no one is around, has a girl friend .usually a black male and has his hair died with a medium size box (hairstyle).and has a girl friend and has the nerve to be g*y. u g*y marqavis

  • *n*l rail

    it’s when your going so hard and fast in the *ss you need to lay down tracks for accuracy. “man, i was with my boyfriend the other day, he had to lay down the ol’ *n*l rail he was going to crazy.”

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