a f*ggoty b*st*rd that excedes the limits of just being a f*ggot or b*st*rd
jim is a total f*ggab*st*rd

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  • bitcanned

    deleting an electronic file or email. digital version of sh*tcanned. i didn’t need that jpeg anymore so i bitcanned it.

  • codeclock

    a term originating at killeen high school in texas. code•clock kōd•kläk verb 1. to knock someone out. ex: “shut up before you get codeclocked” synonyms: sleep, ko, knockout, rocked. (present: codeclock pastence: codeclocked) “who was the girl that got codeclocked yesterday during that fight?”

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    the chicago blizzard can be a great pleasure for both the male and female. you first must aquire a snorkel and fill it with some cocaine. then you fill the snorkle with the cocaine then insert the snorkle into the v*g*n*. then blow into the snorkle and the cocaine will flow into the v*g*n* giving […]

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    the perfect s*x buddy. usually a girl with a large *ss and very small t*ts, she will ride till the sun comes up. she likes generally tall and muscular guys. she not very picky with friends and likes everyone. man, did you see that girl brennyns *ss! it’s huge

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