a scaly monster that stalks the interwebs calling out privelege and can’t handle opinions.these horrid beast have small genitals and are known for having colorful hair and gl*sses.they typically prey on innocent white males and har*ss them.they are known for unreasonably murdering innocents.they are reffered to as a f*ggotourous-rex because they have small genitals as t-rex have small arms.f*ggotourous is an ancient term by attack helicopters used to describe crybullies an b*tthurt f*ggots.they are known for hating facts and blaming people for their problems falsely.they also go by sjw’s.
f*ggotourous-rex:support black lives matter because white people suck and are privileged especially males!dude:hey f*ckwit you do know that’s racist right?why do i deserve to be treated like sc*m because of your mistakes?and females and males are equal get over it you b*tthurt f*ggotourous-rex.fr:did you just use facts you white hetero-s*xual privileged male?!!!!!!!*triggered 0-100000*

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