a young girl who posses such remarkable beauty, who also may be shy and timid upon introduced but will later steal your heart.
she is such a faithian

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  • tanayah

    an ugly peice of sh*t and is self cantered about others tanayah is a ugly peice if sh*t is a pretty young lady. has a great self estime. is very well liked. has plenty of friends. is kinda a boy magnet. you look like ta’nayah.

  • layanne

    naa is that layanne the s*xy b*tch. you attract boys like a magnet but you always decline cause you’ve got your eye on that one special one you’ve been waiting for him for a while now. your gorgeous confident and s*xy. you always get stopped by people complementing you. no was that the s*xiest layanne

  • back chatting

    when one talks about the other without them knowing. she was back chatting about me.

  • yunggoose

    when kanye is in the hospital. “you heard about the yunggoose?”

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