i need to get me a faosat, she’ll change my life.

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  • meatg*yzer

    anyone named stephen, or anyone that plays the card game magic guy: i was at this bar and i meet this guy and he was a meatg*yzer. lesbian coworker: oh, i think that’s my boss, typical stephen, also known as meatg*yzer

  • pud boy

    a clueless t*rd , that has no idea what’s going on. i have to explain everything , slowly , to this guy. what a pud boy.

  • vionny

    is a smart, beautiful, short, funny, and shy. she is not a lesbian and she’s not against them either….. she is hilarious when it comes to her fails and she won’t give up easily(depends) and she is very s*xy❤️️ “dude did u see vionny last night?” ” ya bruh, her body always in point my […]

  • wh*r*racha

    a drunk guy or girl (borracho/a) with wh*r*ish tendencies. can also be spelled whorracha “after all that tequila she’s dancing on every guy like a wh*r*racha!”

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