what you call your girlfriends when you’re drunk.
“hey glur! let’s have a glur’s night out soon and get drunk!”

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    a stupid *ss hoe who is a jealous *ss b*tch and tries to steal everyone’s mans like b*tch back the f*ck up she will stab you in back and go out with everyone’s exes and will talk sh*t about you ronilda you are a hoe omg

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    bootylicious she is bootylicious. that’s a aquanita

  • cookie stomp

    someone that put cookie dough in his girlfriend v*g*n*, then precedes to stomp the v*g*n* with his t*st*cl*s. i just cookie stomp my girlfriend last night .

  • lame duck larry

    when something is super lame, it can be described as lame duck larry. in extreme cases, you can say that something/someone is “the lamest of all the ducks named larry”. person a: ow, i stubbed my toe. person b: well that’s lame duck larry!

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