michael clifford is “gorgest”
michael clifford the most gorgest of beings

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  • confetti bukkake

    when someone sends you a card, invitation, or other piece of snail mail with a sh*t ton of “adorable” confetti that bursts all over you, the floor, and f*ck*ng everywhere. did you get amy’s invitation to the birthday party? yup. fill of confetti? yup. get everywhere? yup. f*cking confetti bukkake.

  • do a texas

    a norwegian expression that means to check and lubricate weapons. often used by military folk in norway. officer: look at that rifle. why don’t you go do a texas? soldier: yes sir!

  • belau bunny

    a white female who wants to breed with a african-american man . yo yo jane be a belau bunny .

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    1. getting someone’s number (digits) or flirting. “sweeping” in on someone you wanna hit up or bang. the “d” is a play on d*ck or digits. both apply in the moment pretty much. ex 1. sarah: “oh dude did you see that guy?” marisa: “he’s hot. i’d sweep his d.” ex 2. haley: “i’m totally […]

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