the act of inserting ones male t*st*cl*s into an animals r*ct*m or *n*s.
it is illegal to grevex a horse.

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  • drivebyfart

    to walk by someone while making a fart noise with your mouth or using your actual b*tt. chris walked by katy and drivebyfarted her.

  • devil's d*ckpit

    a phrase to describe something so hot similar to h*ll. i is hot as the devil’s d*ckpit.

  • texas worm battle

    when you are performing *n*l s*x and while penetrating you feel a solid t*rd fighting back against your p*n*s. like worms battling. jim : “dude did you f*ck that girl last night?” bill : “yeah man we did *n*l, ended up having a texas worm battle.”

  • fight meh

    a phrase that you shout out when somebody p*sses you off, and you want to intimidate them. warning: may actually result in an actual fisticuffs. helen: your son is inferior to mine. joe: fight meh helen! helen: (0_0) oh my word, he fears nothing!

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