a gwiz is a jive turkey. he’ll look you dead in the eyes while he takes a sh*t
dude that guy is giving me a gwiz in the bathroom

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  • big ol d*cker

    big, old, p*n*s. usually referring to someone who is older and a supporter of donald trump. uncle jerry said that i need to stop smoking weed, he’s a big ol’ d*cker. this big ol’ d*cker i met the other day said he hates muslims.

  • nyvu

    nyvu refers to someone who is g*y on xbox & ps4 is commonly used during gameplay person 1: your stupid person 2: well your nyvu

  • daiwon

    a b*tch *ss cheater. who is a f*ckboy and never gonna pay attention to you or give you time a day. he’ll steal your heart then cheat on you after. girl crying* boy* u cool? girl* no that b*tch daiwon cheated!!!!😠

  • joe willis

    a f*cking m*ssive d*ck joe willis a f*cking m*ssive p*n*s

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