sombodys b*tch
your going to be my hayboy for the next 2 months

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  • micro date

    an extremely brief fantasy about a person, generally of a s*xual nature, lasting only a few seconds. micro-dates typically occur with complete strangers in p*ssing but can also occur with friends and acquaintances. the beautiful woman stepped into the elevator and brad immediately had a micro-date.

  • summer rivera

    a person who needs to f*ck non-white people only and gets small d*ck pics from boys name alex koff holy cr*p is that summer rivera f*cking alex koff

  • razor p**p

    when your p**ps so dense and there’s a lot of it, when it p*sses through your *n*l c*n*l and gives you a slight sensation of razor burn. holy moly, grandmother’s chicken pot pie just loaded me up with razor p**p.

  • blimf

    an overly g*y transgender he constantly sucks d*ck wow, i can’t believe how much of a blimf benny is!

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