Honorary virgin

someone who may have had s*x once but still lives like a virgin or is a virgin in other ways.

examples are s*x abuse victims that have never had a consensual s*xual relationship, nerdy manchildren who’ve hired prost*tutes then went back to their manchild lifestyle, someone who may have had s*x once but is unable to get any action the rest of their lives.

an example would be chris chan who lost his virginity to a prost*tute in 2012 but is still the king of lulzcows.
well technically im not a virgin because an ugly chick banged me at a party in highschool, but i’ve never had a girlfriend or relationship since so at least im an honorary virgin.

i hate being a virgin!
you’re not a virgin! you had s*x with that prost*tute a few years ago.
yeah but i’m still an honorary virgin because i could have never gotten s*x on my own. girls despise me.

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