m*st*rb*t**n until the point of c*m
girl: i ink everyday now guys!
girl 2: i ink with my toothbrush
girl 3: i cought my mom inking last week!
–verb: to become infuriated to the point of hostility.
you better watch out, b*tch be inking!!
inking the toilet bowl, or simply inking. referencing the act of explosively squirting a viscous black fluid out of the sphincter into the fresh, clear toiler water; consequently, causing an instantaneous cloud of murky, impenetrable fecal matter; similarly to that of the ocean-dwelling octopi defense mechanism.
through extensive, continuous world of warcraft stimulation, i subconsciously consumed 3 large bagfuls of flaming hot cheetos. eight hours into a critical grinding session against the wrath king’s loyal minions, my stomach began to violently erupt. a few quick steps from the computer station, and into the bathroom, i helplessly hovered over the toilet. after a series of strenuous forcing, i felt an incredible relief of pressure as my *sshole exploded into a “flaming hot” blaze; consequently, inking the toilet bowl.
the sniffing or huffing of dog feses, more commonly known on the streets as sh*t. its been compared to drugs like peyote and lsd. not to be confused with cheesing.
“dude i was inking last night on some collie sh*t. it felt like a rattlesnake gave me a rim job.”
the leftover c*m that slowly seeps out of a girl’s v*g*n* when a guy goes inside her.
allison: “last night bill went inside and and i’ve been inking all day”

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