a thot *ss b*tch, can’t keep a boyfriend, unloyal, don’t trust her at all.
iyona you always doing something. you can’t ever just chill, you got too much dramam

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  • viscione

    an italian slang word used for “s*xy” or “cool” that dude is so viscione why can’t i be more viscione

  • kevin fine

    absolutely g*y and wants to suck d*ck kevin fine likes d*cks in his mouth

  • pulling a joy

    making someone laugh to a point that makes them snort like crazy people keep pulling a joy on me that i snort like crazy

  • rich get richer

    a meme/term in league of legends which stands for “rich champs get richer”/”get f*cking good” saber – “i cant do this wall hop because i suck *ss at riven” gecko – ” rich get richer smh :/”

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