the most beautiful girl and one will wanna be and really smart and loving
jakhia can i be u one day

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  • paul pourri

    the act of collecting a woman’s underarm sweat while dancing at a nightclub and smelling it, in order to better understand her level of interest through pheromonal interest. i didn’t get her phone number, but her paul-pourri was calling me

  • guava the b*tt

    jabba the hut’s ugly derpy step brother that guy is such a guava the b*tt, i wouldn’t date him in a million years

  • femedian

    femedian: unfunny, man-bashing women posing as comedians. their dribble is often shared on social media in order to improve neo-feminist echo chambers. amy schumer is a femedian.

  • you got a deep part

    when someone is p*ssed off and they’re mean to you; or could be a compliment for having big b**bs “d*mn girl, you got a deep part.”

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